30 January 2008

Abir's Garden & Combatants for Peace.

TODAY! Go check it out....

Bassam Aramin & Elik Elhanan
Wednesday January 30 7:30 p.m.
Vets Hall Room 23, 826 Front Street, Santa Cruz

Combatants for Peace was founded by former Israeli and Palestinian fighters who no longer see each other as enemies. They forswear violence and advocate an end to the Israeli Occupation of the Palestinian West Bank & Gaza Strip.

On January, 2007, Palestinian girls were walking home from school in East Jerusalem. Israeli Border Police firing rubber bullets wounded killed 10-year old Abir Aramin, Bassam's daughter. Combatants for Peace has joined other Palestinian, Israeli and International peace & human rights organizations to memorialize Abir to build ABIR'S
GARDEN on the grounds of her school for her classmates to gather, play, and heal.

Elhanan & Aramin are part of a national speaking tour, one year after Abir was fatally wounded. Bassam's wife Salwa and daughter Areen will be present. Suggested donation $5-$10 sliding-scale (no one turned away for lack of funds). Proceeds benefit Abir's Garden & Combatants for Peace.

For more information and to and support the Abir's
Garden Project go to http://www.RebuildingAlliance.org.

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