18 January 2008

ATOM tha Immortal, Lyrics to "Los Pobres"

It happens somewhere on a bus in Lima
When you begin to see the world isn't gold
When you behold a seven year old dancing for change with no parents
And realize the world isn't shocked at her appearance
Matter of fact, you wouldn't reach for change yourself
Cause you're a selfish bastard with your Amerikan wealth
And you look down upon the downtrodden withdrawn
From the neo-liberal economic system you spawned
On..the shores of Latin American maps
Like NAFTA caused the Mexican economic collapse
These are facts
That you don't know
..So you go off
When they cross deserts looking for livelihoods that they lost
But..if it were you, you would be here too
How can you blame a family that's trying to work for food
And feed their kids' faces
Racists need to recognize
That Amerika survives on the labor that we provide.

How can you call yourself a man
How can you call us the immigrant when you're living in our ancestral land
This bloods buried in every river, valley and moutaintop
...Thousands of years before you ever came to Plymouth Rock
This is the story of our people
Who built the city of Macchu Piccu
And the temples of Chitzen Itza
Historical legacy that ain't related to you
So you fear the word "Aztlan" cause you know that it's true
Our people were murdered
...Sons were turned into slaves
And still today we work for minimum wage
In a capitalistic system that exploits to survive
Atom, reporting live from Anahuac, the occupied.

La Lucha sera larga y dificil
Pero la continuaremos is how I feel
Cause the struggle is our obligation
If you ain't fighting for, well then you're holding back your people some more
We need to move forward
First we need to chill with the beef
Like being trapped inside a slaughterhouse with frozen meat
..It's counter-productive
We need to make change
But you can't when you're living off your mom at your age
Education is key
..So how're you gonna make moves
When you can't add, read, subtract or pay dues
Gotta finance our own campaigns to make change
And buy up our own politicians like brand-names
Amerika the Whore, concerned with only wealth
Turns away the poor, whenever they knock on her door
..This song is dedicated to my people
Every field laborer, Zapatista soldier and campesino.
-Atom tha Immorta

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