07 December 2007


Music Video: Sun Showers
British Rapper MIA Denied Entry Into U.S.
By Bhavna Malkani

British rapper MIA was reportedly refused a visa by American immigration officials due to the political content of her lyrics.
Last year, MTV banned MIA's single "Sun Showers" because it was a song about a suicide bomber.
MIA's lyrics are said to support the Sri Lankan political group Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lankan armed forces.
The rapper, born Maya Arulpragasa, was planning to visit the United States to work on her new album with various Hip-Hop producers.
Shortly after the incident, the London-born Sri Lankan rapper posted a blog on her Web site telling fans, "Roger, roger, do you hear me, over? The U.S. immigration won't let me in, I'm locked out. They won't let me in. Now I'm making my album outside the borders."

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