04 December 2007

listen to your intuition. in times of chaos, seek clarity

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Mountain top removal. escavation. mechanized. exploitation. taking more than is needed. The me-firsts and the gimme-gimmes be a lootin' and cheating. husslin' and stealing the dignity of the mountain. Robbing the poor blind, pocketing their unemployment, down'pressor 'pon dignity. Been acid reignin' way too long. ever since Babylon. Charge us for bottles of water while they be poisoning our rivers. Feed the people Frankenstein GM foods while they be seizing our land and infiltrating our seed. Beware of such marks of the beast, funded by the neoliberal, neo-con, fascist, conquistador. Treating their own mother like a whore. How dare this be! Madda-Jah-Allah lead I to clarity. I see the cause and effect like never before. We meditate and we pray for the now of a new day. We must cultivate inner safety while taking risks. Maintain I-n-I sanity and self respect. Love is the answer. Love is the way. Dissolve the illusion of separation, of isolation, of division…this is their weapon. Carry the torch of liberation. Collaborate for resolution. Take care of your nutrition. Listen to your intuition. Improv. the solution. The ancient hold the secrets, our great grandmothers hold the key, we enroll into the school of iscense. Mother nature's divinity.

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